Family focused on recovery after accident leaves Tifton man in wheelchair

Updated: Sep. 10, 2019 at 10:51 PM EDT

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A man is still recovering from being hit by a truck in Tift County.

Just three months ago Nicholas Savalia’s life was changed forever.

“It was kind of late, it was about 10:30 or 10 o’clock. He say he was closing the store so I started walking back home and the accident happened somewhere between my house and the store,” said Nicholas.

Sivalia Go Fund Me

Georgia State Patrol (GSP) said a truck hit Nicholas back in June, on Georgia 35.

Nicholas said that besides his family coming to visit him, he doesn’t remember much.

Nicholas Sivalia

“I have been in the hospital for about a month. So the last week I was there, I remember the kids being there and my wife being there. The time in between, I still have no idea, still a blank to me,” said Nicholas.

Lessie Sivalia said she was terrified when she found out about the accident and had to leave her children behind to rush to Nicholas’ side in Macon.

Lessie Sivalia

“That night of the accident I left. I pretty much stayed up in Macon with him, I would come home probably two or three times to get a change of clothes and spend time with the kids," explained Lessie.

Nicholas said that now he can’t find work and he has to move around in a wheelchair for many months to come.

“After, like now, I can’t work. The doctors took my mobility from me, my speech is a little messed up from my brain injury,” said Nicholas.

Lessie said the daily responsibilities of taking care of her family can be exhausting.

“Before it was you know, 50/50, we split everything, the responsibilities. Now it is more of me doing everything. My husband does try but he can’t," said Lessie.

The family said they have been struggling financially to get from doctor appointments to work.

They set up a GoFundMe page for people who want to help.

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