Cause of Cordele abandoned building fire identified

Abandoned Cordele building catches fire

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Officials have released the cause of a fire in an abandoned building in Cordele.

Cordele firefighters battled the flames from an abandoned store.

Payphone at Burning Building
Payphone at Burning Building (Source: WALB)

“We are ruling it as an electric shortage. It was the initial start of the fire,” said Fire Chief Augusta Telfair.

Fire Chief Augusta Telfair
Fire Chief Augusta Telfair (Source: WALB)

Telfair said the building has been vacant for two years.

As far as recent inspections on it, Telfair said the fire department does not have code enforcement officers to inspect buildings.

“We don’t have a code official in this department, we have an inspector. But the thing about it is, that store was closed. It has been closed for a couple of years and it was locked down,” explained Telfair.

With the fire starting from an electrical shortage, Telfair said businesses should always be prepared for a possible fire.

“The main thing is having an early warning device. That would be the most important part, having an early warning device. That will send an alarm if anything goes wrong like burglary or a fire,” said Telfair.

Telfair said no one was inside or hurt during the entire process of taking down the flames.

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