Hasbro launches new ‘Ms. Monopoly’ board game

Hasbro launches new ‘Ms. Monopoly’ board game
The new Hasbro board game launches in September. (Source: Hasbro)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Girl power is coming to family game night!

Hasbro is launching a new version of the iconic Monopoly board game to celebrate women trailblazers.

The company touts it as the first game “where women make more than men.”

The new game, Ms. Monopoly, focuses on inventions and innovations made by women -- like chocolate chip cookies, bulletproof vests and ladies’ modern shapewear -- rather than investing in real estate.

The game also updated some of the cards and tiles with things like ride shares instead of railroads and Wi-Fi instead of water works.

Game playing pieces are now modernized too with a white hat, a watch, a barbell, a glass and a jet plane.

The game play has changed, as well, as the banker doles out $1,900 in Monopoly Money to each female player and $1,500 to each male. The money gap continues every time a player passes Go -- women collect $240 and men only collect $200.

The game goes on sale this month at national retailers for a suggested price of $19.99.

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