Albany officials approve more lift station repairs

Albany officials approve more lift station repairs

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Two Albany sewer lift stations will be the focus of a $759,000 rehabilitation project.

Back in December, more than one million gallons of sewage spilled from Lift Station 81.

There was an equipment failure after the station flooded by heavy rain.

The lift station was added to a list of 10 stations that would receive more than $1 million of immediate repairs. Those repairs are complete.

The City of Albany wants to start a series of what are being called rehabilitation projects, starting with Lift Stations 81 and 83.

“These lift stations are 30, 35 years old,” Jeff Hughes, Albany sewage superintendent, said. “So what we’re doing for the most part is replacing all of the piping in there. There are some corrosion issues, so just trying to keep those functioning at top efficiency and keeping things going like they’re supposed to be going.”

On Tuesday, Albany City Commissioners approved a contract with POPCO of Sylvester for the rehabilitation project.

Scope of the work:

Work at Lift Stations 81 and 83 will consist of re-piping both the wet well and valve pit piping, installing permanent bypass piping connections, providing temporary bypass pumping and installing concrete driveways. Base elbows, check valves, and isolation plug valves stations will be provided by the City of Albany but installed by the city’s contractor.

Hughes said the Sylvester company will start within 30 days.

The entire project will only take 90 days to complete.

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