Cordele police still on the hunt for armed robbery suspect

Armed robbery in Cordel discount store

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - Cordele Police are piecing together an armed robbery the took place in Cordele on Friday morning.

Javaski Jackson, 28, is wanted for the armed robbery that happened at U.S. Discount Store around 9:45 a.m.

U.S. Discount store in Cordele
U.S. Discount store in Cordele (Source: WALB)

The business owner of the store wants to remain anonymous through the investigation process but says he is done with the business.

We spoke with Captain Andrew Roufs on how far they’ve come in the investigation.

“Right now in the investigation, our main objective is to locate Jackson of course. And we are using resources both from the state, mainly the state level in assisting us in locating Jackson,” Cordele Police Captain Roufs told us.

Captain Roufs said as more witnesses come forward they are working as hard as they can to capture the suspect.

“We had information that the suspect had gone to multiple locations so we were kind of all over town interviewing folks and trying to find different camera views,” Roufs said.

Rofus said during these investigations, those people helping suspects should know the consequences.

"Giving him a ride or letting him borrow their vehicle or borrowing some other item of clothing; if they know or have any kind of understanding of what he is about to do or doing, they can be charged with the crime itself, Roufs added.

Wanted Armed Robbery Suspect Javoski Jackson
Wanted Armed Robbery Suspect Javoski Jackson (Source: WALB)

Jackson is still on the loose and Cordele Police are asking anyone who knows anything to please contact their local law enforcement.

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