Blazers heat up in Coliseum and take down ASU

Valdosta State takes down the Rams 38-3 in ASU’s home opener

VSU @ ASU for season opener

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Tonight was the start of the regular season for two South Georgia universities.

As ASU welcomed the Valdosta state blazers into the coliseum, to see if history could repeat itself the last time they hosted this matchup.

For ASU, it’s a chance to see how they stack up if they want another shot at a playoff birth.

And for VSU, it’s a chance for them to prove their dominance.

The Rams took down the Blazers 29-12 the last time they entered the Coliseum.

But tonight... the Blazers were looking for a different ending.

Already up 7-0.

VSU, driving again.

And it didn't take long for them to find the end zone again.

As Jamar Thompkins, muscles his way into the end zone.

And the Blazers take an early 14-0 lead.

But the Rams aren't going down like that.

Later in their drive, Kelias Williams, takes the handoff and calls his own number.

He shakes a few defenders, and takes off down the sideline for a huge gain just before the end of the first quarter.

But the Blazers find their way into the red zone once again.

Rogan Wells, looks to the outside and dumps it off to Thompkins, who finds his second touchdown of the game.

And the Blazers take a 21-0 lead with 6 minutes left in the half.

But they aren't done yet.

Williams drops back, and tries to find his man.

But instead, it intercepted by Alex Brown.

And he takes off down the sideline.

He takes it all the way down to the 2 yard line before he's finally brought down.

But then, it’s Wells who finishes it off on the next play.

He finds David White in the end zone.

And the Blazers are up 28-0.

But ASU doesn't back down.

They're able to drive down the field... and Gabriel Ballinas... puts it through for the first points.

Unfortunately, that’d be their only points of the game.

ASU, falls to the Blazers 38-3.

Both coaches spoke about how they viewed the first game.

“I’m very excited," said VSU head football coach Gary Goff. "We needed a game so bad. I mean, that’s a long camp, just because of how the schedule fell this year. But Couldn’t be more excited for these young men. They refocused and had a good game. Obviously, there’s a lot we can improve on. I thought the first half was as close of a perfect game as you could play.”

“I trust these guys.," said ASU head football coach Gabe Giardina. "They’ve been through a lot together as a team. And I trust the staff. We’ll get the job done. But the bottom line is, Ram nation deserves a lot better then what we put out there tonight.”

For ASU, they'll have to travel out to Clinton to face Mississippi college in hope of finding that first win.

And for VSU, it's back to Valdosta.

As they look to defend Bazemore-Hyderabad stadium, against Ohio Dominican.

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