District Attorney provides answers to why downtown Albany shooter was charged

District attorney explains next steps in Huff case

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - WALB is hearing from District Attorney Greg Edwards for the first time after a grand jury indicted a local business owner in a deadly downtown shooting.

Jazzy Huff was indicted on four charges in the shooting death of Zenas Davis that happened in August.

Jazzy Huff (Source: Dougherty County Jail)
Jazzy Huff (Source: Dougherty County Jail) (Source: Dougherty County Jail)

Huff is charged with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during a felony.

Huff is accused of shooting and killing Davis in Downtown Albany. Huff is the owner of Jazzy Movers, and police told WALB that Davis was working for Huff.

Reports show the two got into an argument over Davis’ pay. It was shortly after that disagreement that Davis was shot several times.

Davis was pronounced dead at the scene.

Zenas Lee Davis (Source: Albany Police Department)
Zenas Lee Davis (Source: Albany Police Department) (Source: Albany Police Department)

Edwards told WALB exactly why Huff has been charged.

Edwards said after a thorough investigation, this case has been pretty straight forward, which is why he said Huff was indicted so quickly.

Prosecutors said most of the circumstances surrounding the homicide were plainly available for review by the grand jury.

Edwards said there was no reason to delay this process with the information they gathered.

A number of witnesses who were at the scene were interviewed. Huff himself was also interviewed and video evidence was also viewed.

The DA said all of these things were presented and led to the four charges.

“The charges are based upon him shooting Zenas Davis. We believe without appropriate justification. And that is why the individual is being charged. At this time the state believes it was without sufficient justification,” said Edwards.

The indictment said Huff without malice and irrespective of malice did cause the death of Davis, by shooting him with a certain handgun.

But Edwards adds, Huff is still innocent until proven guilty by a jury.

Prosecutors said Huff could be arraigned within the next 30 to 60 days and there could be a trial 30 days after that.

Edwards said this could very well mean a trial could happen this year.

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