Berrien Rebels breaks several records in game against Atkinson Co.

The Rebels defeated Atkinson County 61-43

Berrien Rebels shattering school records

NASHVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - Only two weeks into the 2019 high school football season and apparently that’s enough time for some players to shatter several records.

Gerrick Johnson had a break out night against Atkinson County, last week.

A game he dedicated to one of his biggest fans his grandma who unfortunately passed away the night before.

Johnson went on to score seven touchdowns six as a running back and one as a quarterback.

Johnson told us he wasn’t planning on having this historic night.

“The night before my grandma had passed, so I kind of came out there and dedicated it to her. So, I really came out there and gave it my all and I just ended up breaking the record and I wasn’t really even trying for it. It was exciting and at the same time it was kind of a little sad because I know she would’ve been proud of me. So, I just went out there and did what I did for her. Just gave it my all,” said Johnson.

Berrien's 61 points against Atkinson was the most points they've scored in a game.

Head Coach Tim Alligood told us after that game he hopes it’ll build his players’ confidence.

“Gerrick obviously won the offensive player of the week and I told our offensive line that, “You all are just as much a part of this as what he did” and they have to open the holes for him," said Alligood. “And then number two, I think as opposed to our game of the week before against Irwin, we took care of the football, we didn’t have any turnovers. So, we give ourselves a chance to be successful but not hurting ourselves with mistakes.”

Berrien takes on Bacon County Friday at 7:30.

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