Lee Co. expects $500K in Hurricane Michael reimbursement

Lee Co. to receive about half a million dollars in Hurricane Michael reimbursement

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Around half a million dollars is heading to Lee County for hurricane reimbursement from both Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA).

Lee County Commission Vice-Chairman Rick Muggridge said the money will go in the general fund budget.

Lee County Commission Vice-Chairman Rick Muggridge
Lee County Commission Vice-Chairman Rick Muggridge

Muggridge said he is confident most of the money will be dedicated to county roads and expects the check any day now.

“We haven’t got the check yet but we’ve been informed by FEMA that we’re getting back somewhere between $500,000 to $600,000 as a reimbursement for the expenses that we incurred during Hurricane Michael,” said Muggridge.

It’s a repayment for three big expenses the county paid.

“The first and the largest is debris cleanup. Along with the third party vendors that we saw up and down our streets, Lee County Public Works also picked up debris and for that we got reimbursed" explained Muggridge. “We had damage to our 911 center. We’ve since built a new 911 center but when that center was damaged, we incurred expenses to create a temporary 911 center and so about $100,000 of that is to reimburse those expenses for those temporary 911 costs.”

The county is also being reimbursed for overtime accrued by many county departments like fire, EMS and others.

Muggridge said he is proud of the county’s hard workers including those who put in the time to make sure the money came back to the county.

“Because it’s their hard work that got this to happen," said Muggridge. "They filled out the forms correctly. Anybody that’s filled out a federal form knows how difficult that is sometimes, but we’ve done what we needed to do, we kept the records we needed to keep and as a result, we got reimbursed for pretty much everything that we incurred.”

“When other counties and cities were spending large amounts of money on contractors to pick up storm debris, our staff was working in house," said Lee County Commission Chairman Billy Mathis. “This saved the Lee County taxpayers a great deal of money. Now the Lee County taxpayers are receiving a check instead of writing one. Our employees did a fabulous job and we are proud of their hard work.”

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