Lowe’s in Tifton prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Lowe's storm preparation

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - With the overflow of people evaluating from Florida because of Hurricane Dorian, hotels are said to be already 85-95 percent filled. Businesses are also starting to see an increase in sales for home supplies.

Hurricane Dorian is slowly approaching and companies like Lowe’s say they are already prepared for these life-threatening disasters.

Lowes customers shopping for supplies
Lowes customers shopping for supplies (Source: WALB)

Assistant Manager Phil Shiflet said he noticed the increase of customers from Florida coming to purchase home improvement tools for their homes on Thursday.

He said his team is more than ready to assist with the needs of evacuees.

Phil Shiflet Assistant Store Manager
Phil Shiflet Assistant Store Manager (Source: WALB)

“Lowe’s has instituted a command and response to this Hurricane, not only in Florida but in South Carolina and Georgia also. So we already have truckloads of supplies already on their way to us. We found exactly what we need to stock and we already stocked those we anticipating August and September Hurricane months," Shiflet told us.

Shiflet says that he even noticed people come to buy the simplest things like batteries and flashlights.

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