Ward 6 candidate: Demetrius Young basing campaign around Southside community

Updated: Aug. 30, 2019 at 5:05 PM EDT
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Three candidates will fight for Albany’s Ward Six Commission seat this November.

Incumbent, Tommie Postell is not running for re-election this year.

Mary Young-Cummings is a name known to many people across Southwest Georgia.

A picture of Young's mom, Mary Young-Cummings, hangs on his wall.
A picture of Young's mom, Mary Young-Cummings, hangs on his wall.

“A really heralded civil rights attorney. And she worked on the City Commission for, how many years? Eight years,” said Ward 6 Candidate, Demetrius Young.

And that’s to put it lightly. Young-Cummings was the first African American Albany City Commissioner, who then went on to serve in Georgia’s General Assembly.

“I guess you could probably say I was born into this, so to speak,” said Young.

Young-Cummings’ son, Demetrius, is following in his mom’s footsteps as he runs for Albany’s Ward Six commission seat.

“We remember being in the City Commission meetings, and we would sneak out of the meetings and just kind of go all around,” Young said.

While he used to run out of the meetings as a kid, Young said now he wants a seat on the board.

“I didn’t necessarily choose to do a lot of this, but it kind of chose me, especially with the issue of the liquor store,” said Young.

Young led a group working to stop an incoming liquor store to the Southside of Albany. Their efforts failed, but he says it sparked in him a desire to run for office.

“Invest in the children, the minds of children, we’ll see a change in what their behavior is out on the streets.”

Young and volunteers at their campaign headquarters.
Young and volunteers at their campaign headquarters.

Young said his campaign is focusing on recreation, keeping kids away from gangs and using city resources to invest in the South Side. He said there is an opportunity to invest in businesses, special projects like bike trails, and the people as a whole.

“So what this campaign is about, it’s about community.”

WALB News 10 has reached out to the other candidates, Leroy Smith and John Hawthorne.

We are waiting to hear back from them to bring you their platforms, as well.

You can vote for Ward 6 Commissioner on November 5.

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