Valdosta resident surprised by neighborhood drug arrest

Valdosta community talks neighborhood drug arrest

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - One Valdosta community is speaking out about the possible drug sales happening in their neighborhood.

Near 500 West Gordon Street is where officers said they arrested two men after neighbors reported that the two were selling drugs out of one of their homes.

Although not charged with distribution, Torianto Jackson, 28, and Emanuel Fluitt are facing possession charges.

Officers said they investigated, executed a search warrant and found cocaine and marijuana.

Members of the community, like Ikel Carter, said their neighborhood is normally quiet.

Ikel Carter, Valdosta resident
Ikel Carter, Valdosta resident (Source: WALB)

He said that he was shocked to hear about the arrest, but not about someone selling drugs in the neighborhood.

“It ain’t going to change man. That’s just how it is. Unless the president gets everyone a job. How does he expect people to make money," said Carter.

Despite just leaving work himself, Carter said that he thinks the people in his community are just a product of their environment.

Officers said this investigation is still active and ongoing.

The Valdosta Police Chief Leslie Manahan released the following statement.

“Citizens notice when suspicious activity is going on in their neighborhoods. We are appreciative of those citizens who stand up and provide the police department information so we can get narcotics and narcotics dealers off of the street."
Leslie Manahan, Valdosta police chief

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