Restructuring brings layoffs to Albany aircraft company

Restructuring brings layoffs to Albany aircraft company
Thrush Aircraft, Inc.

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The president and CEO of Thrush Aircraft said Wednesday that they will be bringing on new leadership and ownership to the company.

Payne Hughes announced Wednesday that an initial part of the restructuring was laying off a percentage of its workforce “as it reconfigures itself for increased success ahead.”

Thrush officials said it is “anticipated that as the company comes back stronger in the time ahead, that a number of those laid off today will be offered a return to their jobs.”

“Payne Hughes brought our company unheard of levels of innovation and success these past many years” said Eric Rojek, vice president of Thrush “And it is a great privilege for the company to now carry-on our tradition of building, delivering and supporting the best agricultural airplanes in the world today. This reorganization and fresh ownership will allow us to continue to put our customers first and help them lead the way in productivity with their aircraft in every application — from spray work to fire fighting.”

Officials said under the new leadership, the company will be “resolving financial issues that have hampered product development over the past year.”

“A financial reorganization is being put in place at this time, which the company expects to yield significantly improved results and resolution of all outstanding issues, clearing the way for production and deliveries to continue without interruption, and for several new aircraft programs to be completed and brought to market,” officials said in a release.

“The past thirteen years leading Thrush has been the highlight of my career, and I am very grateful for the relationships we’ve established and the success we’ve gained," Hughes said. "Most of all, I’m very grateful to our employees, whose skills and dedication have allowed this small Georgia company to produce the best airplanes in the industry - and to support them with the highest levels of care. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to now pass the baton to new leaders, as I know they are well-prepared to take the company to the next level. My heart is with every man and woman at Thrush, for all they’ve done, and all they will do to continue to make this company great.”

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