Bond hearing set for mother after death of 3-year-old Janiyah Brooks

Bond hearing set for mother of Janiyah Brooks

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Albany mother accused in what police called a “henious crime of child abuse” will find out if she’s been granted bond Tuesday afternoon.

Janiyah Brooks, who was 3-years-old at the time, died in May after injuries she sustained from the abuse.

Police said Janiyah had been severely beaten and sexually assaulted.

Gregory Parker is charged with felony murder, aggravated child molestation, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated battery and first degree child cruelty.

On Monday, Janiyah’s biological father’s family spoke out ahead of Tuesday’s hearing.

That family wants Crystal to show some type of remorse for her daughter’s death.

They’re asking for justice to be served as they’ve been living in pain.

A hearing will decide if Crystal will receive bond or be released out on bond.

This will be Crystal’s second hearing.

Crystal Brooks in court earlier this year (Source: WALB)
Crystal Brooks in court earlier this year (Source: WALB)

In July, Albany police discussed Crystal’s participation in her daughter’s death.

Investigators said Crystal knew Parker beat Janiyah for two years. She tried to stop him, but she told police that Parker would beat her too.

The family said the aftermath of Janiyah’s death devastated her father.

“To the point that sometimes, he gets away to himself and he just bawls. He just cries. Day by day has been hard for all of us, especially my husband, the grandfather of Janiyah. He also has had panic attacks,” said Linda Faison, Janiyah’s step-grandmother.

Faison said that although they’re asking for justice, they do show compassion and forgiveness to Crystal.

After all of this, they hope she gets some type of mental help.

“We do have some compassion for what was her thought of mind. We just maybe, perhaps want her to see a psychologist or something to get into her mind,” said Faison.

WALB News 10 is working to find out if Crystal’s charges will be addressed at Tuesday’s hearing.

It will be held at the Dougherty County Courthouse at 2 p.m.

Judge Willie Lockette will preside over the hearing.

Memorial park in the works for Janiyah

A group called "Justice for Janiyah Brooks" wants to dedicate Odom Park in her memory.
A group called "Justice for Janiyah Brooks" wants to dedicate Odom Park in her memory. (Source: WALB)

A community group is working to get an Albany Park renamed after Janiyah.

The group will take its proposal to the city commission fairly soon.

The group is called “Justice for Janiyah Brooks” and wants to dedicate Odom Park in her memory. They hope to change the park name to Janiyah Memorial Park.

Organizers said they will have to wait two years before that can happen.

If approved, they will officially rename the park in two years, on the day Janiyah died. Meanwhile, they plan to make a memorial garden there instead.

Both matters will go before city commissioners sometime next month.

They hope this will keep her memory alive and honor other victims of child abuse.

“I did actually get to meet a lot of her family members and they are just absolutely wonderful people. And I felt like Janiyah needed a positive memory, not something that we think of horrible when we think of her name,” said Shandy Bonneau, leader of the park project for the group.

This is in Commissioner BJ Fletcher’s ward.

Fletcher said she fully supports this effort and will assist the group in any way possible.

Organizers said once it’s approved, they will need the community’s help with donations, flowers, materials and more.

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