GSP wants drivers to arrive safely during football season

GSP gives safety tips for teens hitting the road

TIFTON, Ga.. (WALB) - As the Tift County Blue Devils get ready for the first football game of the season, some of their peers will be driving for the first time tonight.

Teens are taking vehicles on to the road, whether it’s to a friend’s house or a football game.

Georgia State Patrol (GSP) wants people to know a few safety tips that could save their lives.

“Tip is always wear your seat belt and the most important thing is for you to stay off of your phone and always obey the speed limit. Speed limits will vary between 45 to 35 miles per hour. Two-lane roads, if you are in a rural area, will be usually 55 unless otherwise stated,” Scott Rigby, a GSP trooper, said.

Scott Rigby, Georgia State Patrol trooper
Scott Rigby, Georgia State Patrol trooper (Source: WALB)

Rigby said distracted driving can turn a normal car ride into a fatal one.

“A lot of fatalities occur with speeding and a lot of distracted driving as well,” Rigby said.

GSP officers do encourage people to pull over to the side, answer the phone call or text message if need be.

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