DCSS looks at ways to curb violence and support families

DCSS looks at ways to curb violence and support families

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Dougherty County school leaders said they’re taking proactive steps to keep kids out of trouble, but they also need your help to get it done.

The Dougherty County School System is focusing on restorative justice practices, in schools where students have behavioral issues.

Restorative justice practices are viewed as an alternative to typical punishments and suspension methods of discipline that has been historically used.

The school system wants to avoid out of school suspension and keep kids in classes.

District leaders said they need the support of the community, as they look at ways to serve kids beyond a traditional school day.

They’re implementing a new Family Community Resources Center, which is 70 percent completed, according to school leaders.

“We got a center that is going to be set up on Corn Avenue that can help parents get their GEDs," LaKisha Bruce, DCSS director of community relations, said. "They can come in and do school projects with their kids. If you can’t buy the supplies to do a science project, we got a resource room set-up with those things in place. So there’s not an issue with kids being able to succeed academically.”

The system also has plans to open a mental health clinic in January.

They already have several in school and after school programs, food pantries and more.

School leaders hope the new center will eradicate any barriers for students and support all families.

If you have an interest in helping with these programs, call the DCSS Public Information Office at (229) 431-1264.

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