Victim speaks out after Pizza Hut armed robbery in Cordele

Victim speaks out after Pizza Hut armed robbery in Cordele

CORDELE, Ga. (WALB) - It’s been less than a week since the armed robbery of a Pizza Hut here in Cordele.

Now one of the victims speaks out and talks about the terrifying event that led to the process of her losing her job.

Shamundalon Glenn, 26, recalled all she can think about was getting home to her five kids.

Shamundalon Glenn Victim of Pizza Hut shooting
Shamundalon Glenn Victim of Pizza Hut shooting (Source: WALB)

“I had just cashed out and then went on the side to talk to one of my co-workers, we always joke around in the kitchen after we get off work. We were over there joking around and when I looked I seen the dude run in pointing the gun,” Glenn said. “All I can think of was, am I going to make it home to my kids? What do I do? Should I just try to stall? Should I try to get away?”

Glenn’s mother, Sheila Patrickray, remembered that moment she got the call.

Sheila Patrickray mother
Sheila Patrickray mother (Source: WALB)

“I was just terrified, I just wanted to call all the family members I could think of cause I had just left the hospital, I didn’t have my car. My husband had gone to work in the car; so I finally got one of my niece to take me out there,” Patrickray expressed.

Her mothers say Glenn is not the same person after the robbery.

“Since that has happened, she has been losing hours of sleep terrified, scared, nervous. It was just awful. I have never experienced anything like that. But when that happened I really experienced and felt what other parents feel when their child is in harm’s way,” Patrickray said.

Since the incident, Glenn has lost her job due to an argument she had with management about the robbery. I reached out to the restaurant but they declined to comment.

Glenn offers advice for those who could fall victim to a robbery as she did.

“If you are working at a restaurant like that and you are in that situation where the doors are supposed to be locked, rather you are a manager or not lock the door,” Glenn said.

Now, the suspect is still out on the loose and anyone with any information is encouraged to call their local law enforcement agency.

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