Olympic hero returns home

The 1976 weightlifting silver medalist Lee James return to Albany

Olympic hero returns home
(Source: LEE JAMES)

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Flashback to the year 1976.

The Olympic games are being held in Montreal.

And the US has a chance to bring home a medal in weightlifting.

That’s where Lee James comes in.

Many of you might remember, James brought the city of Albany a silver medal in 1976.

And although it was 43 years ago, it’s still a proud moment for the city.

Now James lives in North Carolina.

But James got the chance to speak about what that moment meant, to him and the city.

“It just really hit me that something that I had dreamed about," said James. "Representing my country and not just my country but my family. My mother and father just really came home. It kind of chocked me up to see the flag go up. After such a long period of time of not having the flag come up in the Olympics. In weightlifting. It really hit home.”

James still looks back on that moment as one of the best in his life.

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