Mayor says Tifton is on the rise

Mayor Julie Smith talks business growth in Tifton

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - There are more than 100 new businesses in Tifton, according to a new city report.

“Local community business is the heartbeat of this town. So, I have the opportunity to serve on the Tift County development authority and have an impact on the industrial development. That Local mom and pop local small business is really important to this community,” said Tifton Mayor Julie Smith.

Julie Smith Mayor of Tifton
Julie Smith Mayor of Tifton (Source: WALB)

Smith said she has tools and techniques she uses to improve the city’s economic impact.

“Setting the stage for business to expand and to grow helps our tax base and offers additional opportunities for our community. So, having new businesses come into our community has been an outstanding success story,” Smith said.

“Looking for something that they need to come and checkout, it is always something new going to be coming I hope,” said resident Gary Pullins. “For one thing there is a variety of restaurants, there is a variety of stores you can come in and especially the antiques.”

Garry Pullins, a Tifton resident
Garry Pullins, a Tifton resident (Source: WALB)

With all of the success the city has seen thus far, Smith said things will only go up from here.

“Planned, well thought-out growth, preserving the historic resources that we have. We have a wonderful downtown, we have a beautiful historic district. I see this urban redevelopment area as an arts and culture district that has enhanced this community. It is just onward and upward from here,” said Smith.

Smith said Tifton is continuing to grow with more new jobs and opportunities.

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