Valdosta City Schools considers investing in metal detectors

Valdosta City Schools considers investing in metal detectors

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - Valdosta City Schools (VCS) is trying to figure out how to spend a $30,000 school security grant.

One idea being tossed around is the addition of metal detectors at Valdosta High School.

“I have never had concerns about my children’s safety in Valdosta City Schools," said Eliza McCall, a Valdosta City Schools parent.

Eliza McCall
Eliza McCall (Source: WALB)

McCall has three children in the Valdosta City School system, with one expected to attend Valdosta High School next year.

“Our administrators have done a really good job of making sure that the schools are as safe as they possibly can be," said McCall.

VCS has recently discussed the idea of adding metal detectors at Valdosta High.

McCall said that she’s not against the idea and trusts that administrators will make the right decision, however, there is one concern that has crossed her mind.

“How do you get all the kids through that in the morning and into class? We wouldn’t want it to cut into instructional time," said McCall.

A concern that Superintendent Dr. Todd Cason said is being acknowledged.

Superintendent Dr. Todd Cason
Superintendent Dr. Todd Cason (Source: WALB)

There are also staffing issues, issues with students possibly avoiding the detectors and the message it would send to the community.

“It sends a message that the school is not safe and in reality, it is a really safe facility," said Cason.

Cason said it has been suggested that there be five staff monitors and a police officer stationed at the detectors. Something that he said they certainly have to consider.

“I think because of what we have experienced throughout the course of our country, that’s why we’re having these types of conversations," said Cason.

Cason said they have to consider if the added measures are necessary. He said the school was built less than two years ago, with safety kept in mind.

“The alarm system is state of the art, the camera system is state of the art, all of our entry panels," said Cason.

All fairly new and appearing to be doing the trick properly.

Cason said these discussions are preliminary and not set in stone. He said that he wanted to give the school board an opportunity to process the idea.

Cason said if the board is ready to continue with the conversation, they will discuss the idea at their next meeting.

That meeting will be held on September 10, at the Valdosta City Schools’ Superintendent’s Office.

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