Georgia Southern offers new online tool to match course credit for military experience

Georgia Southern offers new online tool to match course credit for military experience
Source: WTOC

STATESBORO, Ga. (WTOC) - Veterans and active-duty military will have an easier path to getting credit at Georgia Southern University.

The university has a new widget on their website, which is designed to tell you what college credits you’ve already earned through your military service.

Georgia Southern’s military outreach coordinator says almost everyone participating in this program will receive credit for a kinesiology course due to the physical training required in all military branches.

“The idea is that we’re trying to help them move through the educational process as quickly as possible and efficiently as possible so they can get on with whatever goals they’ve set for themselves after school,” Coordinator Bill Gammon said.

Georgia Southern University says it works with the American Council on Education to determine which military training or job equals a college course. Gammon noted experience and credits from the Air Force are slightly different because airmen take college courses through the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF), but with the university’s GEM Program, they can complete their CCAF degrees.

“It’s a tool that they can use to see how we compare to other universities out there, other options for their see that Georgia Southern, which has a great reputation for being military friendly, is using this tool to assist them,” Gammon said.

The more military experience someone has, the more credits they could potentially receive. University officials also say if someone still wants to take a course - they’re allowed to deny the automatic credit.

As of Spring 2019, the total number of self-identified Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard/Veterans was 915.

Additional information about Georgia Southern University’s new widget is available here.

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