Albany Tech starts new “success semesters”

Albany Tech starts new "success semesters"

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Classes at Albany Technical College are underway, and some programs this semester have the most students ever seen.

The Fire Science Program is an example.

On Wednesday, the classroom was full of 19 students, the most they’ve ever had.

The Fire Science Instructor, Frank Flanigan, says this is in part because the program is training students in both EMT work and Fire Science.

Frank Flanigan is the Fire Science Instructor.
Frank Flanigan is the Fire Science Instructor. (Source: WALB)

It’s also because Albany Tech has restructured its semester systems.

“My end goal is everyone’s employed. You know, I’ve always said 99 percent job placement. Well, now I’m really going to be taxed with finding placements for the 19 students that we have,” said Flanigan.

The new “success semesters” are split into two seven-week semesters.

This allows students to be able to start and finish classes sooner, rather than waiting on a fall or spring semester.

Flanigan said the Fire Science program offers online classes that follow the new academic terms.

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