UGA super fan ready for football season

UGA super fan ready for football season

ELDORADO, GA. (WALB) - With football season starting in a week, one woman said she’s all geared up and ready with University of Georgia decor.

Super UGA fan Dianne Proctor said her front yard is known to attract visitors from all over South Georgia and you don’t have to be a Bulldogs fan to understand the love and devotion she has for her masterpiece.

“We got a lot of Dawgs going on behind us. This started probably 15 to 20 years ago. I started out with the bulldog head, as you see in the background back here and a flag in my yard,” Proctor said proudly.

UGA Bulldog statue
UGA Bulldog statue

Proctor showed WALB what true love and dedication to a football team really means to her.

“My brain got to ticking and I said, ‘OK, what can I do now?’ So, I stated adding football players, then I started adding flags and it then it just went from there on,” said Proctor. “I’ve never went to the University of Georgia but my whole family is die-hard fans. I do have an uncle who graduated from the University of Georgia but my whole family are die-hard fans but two.”

Sports Illustrated announced earlier this month that Uga, the official Bulldog mascot of the college, was given the title of the Greatest Mascot in College Football History.

“That makes me feel wonderful because we have the number one mascot,” responded Proctor to the news.

With all of the UGA gear, Proctor and her family said they are use to fans from all over stopping by to walk around and even take pictures.

“All the Dawg fans, Alabama fans, Florida fans, we have all kinds of fans that stop by just to see it. They say we cannot believe this, it’s amazing. And we enjoy talking to these people,” said Proctor.

Proctor said she enjoys the reactions she get from people about her love and support for the Bulldogs.

“We do this because we like to see people happy and we know when they stop by, they’re talking about it, they are enjoying it and that is why we do what we do,” said Proctor.

Proctor said that she will continue to add UGA gear as she collects it.

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