‘I don’t understand how homicide and misdemeanor can be in the same sentence’: Man convicted in deadly accident faces no jail time

Mother: 'I don't understand how homicide and misdemeanor can be in the same sentence'

COOK CO., Ga. (WALB) - William Foskey, who pleaded guilty in relation to the death of 20-year-old Cameron Corbitt, will not serve any jail time.

Cameron Corbitt
Cameron Corbitt (Source: WALB)

Foskey pleaded guilty to six different misdemeanors, including vehicular homicide.

WALB spoke to the district attorney’s office who said Foskey was sentenced to six years of probation.

It was an emotional moment in that courtroom for Beverly Hayes, Corbitt’s mother.

Beverly Hayes
Beverly Hayes (Source: WALB)

She lost her son back in 2015, but said he isn’t the only thing she’s missing.

“My trust in the justice system has been gone," said Hayes.

After waiting years for justice and winning a $5 million civil lawsuit against the trucking company, she has two main issues.

“It shouldn’t have took this long and I don’t understand how homicide and misdemeanor can be in the same sentence," said Hayes.

Unlike some of Corbitt’s other family, she doesn’t believe that Foskey should’ve went to jail.

“When they think of Cameron Corbitt, I don’t want them to think of devastation and more families being destroyed," said Hayes.

Perhaps what she wanted the most was an apology.

Although their personal definitions of justice vary, the family agrees that what happened in the courtroom wasn’t it.

“I believe if you take a life, by cruel intentions or by just poor judgment, you should serve a life," said Corbitt’s cousin, Jennifer Tucker.

Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker (Source: WALB)

All in all, Tucker and his mom said it comes down to having the driver take responsibility.

“So we’re all going through emotions but the one thing we must all remember is that God is the final judge," said Tucker.

Tucker said they have to respect and try their hardest to move forward.

“It’s over and we can start trying to heal," said Hayes.

The district attorney’s office confirmed that Foskey is expected to have to pay some restitution.

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