Webster Co. students have longer summer break as school starts after Labor Day

Webster Co. students have longer summer break as school starts after Labor Day
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WEBSTER COUNTY, Ga. (WTVM) - Should school start before or after Labor Day? That’s the question you may have asked yourself before.

School is back in session for almost all the schools in the Chattahoochee Valley, but if you look at the list for return dates, one sticks out. Webster County Students have weeks before they head back to the classroom. They’re scheduled to return to school on Sept. 3.

“The summers are a little bit long,” said Webster County resident Gloria Johnson.

Students are still enjoying their summer vacation. They’ve been on summer break since May.

“They have four months of summer and you really need a long time to enjoy and then come back and work hard because our days are very long,” explained Gladys Moses, who has been a teacher for 27 years.

“We’ve become accustomed to it. The kids are accustomed to it so there’s no problems at all,” said Webster County School Board member Jimmie Johnson.

Superintendent Jamie Downer said it’s a start date that was changed eight years ago.

“We are a small county. We were faced with significant cuts and we started thinking outside the box on it. And it worked,” Downer explained.

She said it helps students to avoid having to ride school buses during the hottest time of the year and it puts students in the classroom for longer school days with shorter breaks.

“We don’t have many days out for the kids, so it’s the amount of hours in the year, not days. It’s the hours---How many hours we stay in one day,” said Moses.

There is currently one school in Webster County. Downer said they’re preparing for students to return to the classroom in a few weeks and don’t see the start time for the district changing any time soon.

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