A South Georgia golfer is taking her talents to Auburn University

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) - One South Georgia golfer is turning her attention to the Auburn golf course.

The love of golfing began many years ago.

But, it wasn't until Megan Schofill's Eighth Grade Year that her approach with the game of golf changed.

“I saw I could be good. I saw the potential and I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the next few years," said Schofill.

Now, Schofill is fulfilling her dreams.

With a full ride, she'll join the Auburn Tigers this fall.

“Everything happened in God’s timing. So, definitely was happy when the coaches gave me the offer and everything worked out the way I wanted it too," said Schofill.

Her instructor, Bill Connally, always knew she'd achieve her goals.

“Nobody works harder than Megan. Nobody has the determination and the drive of anyone I’ve ever taught. She gets the most out of everything she has and I think she’s really going to continue to improve," said Connally.

Before she embarks on this new journey, Schofill has been squeezing in a few more swings.

“Whatever I am doing now is not going to be as nearly hard as what I am going to be doing in the fall. So, just knowing I need to stay focused on my practice here and just make sure I am doing everything I can to keep improving," said Schofill.

Hopefully we will see her representing South Georgia on some of the world’s bggest stages.

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