Tifton gets ready to ‘strike out’ Alzheimer’s

'Striking out Alzeheimers' in Tifton

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - Alzheimer’s is a disease that has effected many Americans in this country and researchers are still looking for a cure.

Joey Marta and James Turnmire, Tift Lanes Bowling Alley owners, know first hand how the disease can bring down a family.

“It is something that I am passionate about with my grandfather having Alzheimer’s. So I got to be a caretaker for him and I got to see it first hand. So I am passionate about the cause something I may have to worry about in the future too,” Turnmire said.

James shared his reasons as to why he wanted to have the event in the first place.

“It is there to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s association and also gives people a chance to participate and actually have a little fun out there,” Turnmire said.

Marta told WALB the moment he knew he had to stand up and take action.

Joey Marta, owner of Tift Lanes Bowling Alley
Joey Marta, owner of Tift Lanes Bowling Alley (Source: WALB)

“Both of my grandparents, as well (my) grandmothers was affected by this disease and actually both of them lost their lives because they were effected by this disease,” Marta said.

Marta said it affected him as a child.

“It affected them so much that they even forgot who their children were," Marta said. "It just makes me want to find a cure.”

The Alzheimer’s association encourages everyone to come out and get involved Saturday.

“It is a care and support organization, we are also the largest private founder of research as well too," Phillips said. “Not only are we trying to find a cure for the disease but we know if we found the cure tomorrow we still have these people we have to take care of.”

Philips said that there are up to 180,000 people in Georgia that has Alzheimer’s and events like this one will help fund the research.

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