Sylvester police chief search down to 7 candidates

Sylvester police chief search down to 7 candidates

SYLVESTER, Ga. (WALB) - Sylvester leaders are getting closer to naming a new police chief.

City Manager John Hayes said the pool of candidates is now down to seven.

“We hope to narrow that field down to the top three and begin the process of interviewing sometime early next week,” Hayes said.

Sylvester has been without a police chief since late July.

John Hayes, Sylvester city manager
John Hayes, Sylvester city manager

Drennon accepted a position next door at the Worth County Sheriff’s office.

Currently, Lt. Doug Brooks has been overseeing chief duties.

Hayes said caution is being taken in the search process.

“Obviously it’s a position that you wanna get filled as quickly as possible but you certainly want to make sure that you’ve made the right selection as best as you can determine and so we’re approaching it with kinda careful urgency,” Hayes said.

Hayes said one of the seven is an in-house candidate.

“I think, of course you don’t know until you’ve actually had face to face engagement, had to gone through some portion of the interviewing process but on paper they look very very good,” the city manager said.

City leaders hope to have the position filled in the coming weeks.

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