Cook Hornets are rebuilding this year

The Hornets finished 3-8 in their 2018 season

Cook searching for state title in 2019

ADEL, Ga. (WALB) - It’s a new year for the Cook Hornets.

And first year head coach, Jamie Rogers tells me they're ready.

“I think our guys are tired of hitting each other and it’s time to hit somebody else," said Rogers.

Rogers told us they’ve made serious changes, and the players say it’s already paying off.

“We way better than last season," said senior linebacker, Kenneth Mathis.

The Hornets closed out the 2018 season, 3-8.

This season, they're working overtime to dominate the field.

“We’re really working on communication and trying to work better as a team and just rebuilding our offense," said senior linebacker, Keyshawn Lucy.

An offense that averaged just 16 points a game, the fewest since 1999.

To strengthen the offense and become a winning team, Rogers said it starts by winning the smaller tasks.

“The most important thing for us to talk about is to win everyday, win every rep and try to learn to play hard and be physical," said Rogers.

Which is what the Hornets said they’re doing day in and day out.

“We really been working hard in the weight room, coming out to practice working hard and doing everything the right way," said Mathis.

“Just us flying around better, becoming a better team, better teammates," said Lucy.

Ahead of Rogers first game with the Hornets, he told us he isn’t focused on the wins, yet.

“Our expectations are to play hard every down, we don’t talk about wins and losses yet," said Rogers.

The Hornets face Westover in their season opener on August 23.

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