Bainbridge Bearcats looking to add to their trophy case in 2019

The Bearcats finished the 2018 season at State Champions

Bearcats ready for 2019

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WALB) - The Bainbridge Bearcats defied the odds last year when they went on to win the program’s second state championship.

And they're working to add to that trophy case again this year.

“It was incredible. I mean my dad played football here, my whole family went to school here and it’s all everybody talked about," said junior quarterback Quadye Hawkins.

Ending a 36 year drought didn't come without struggle.

The Bearcats were a 3-4 team when Hurricane Michael devastated the community... but Head Coach Jeff Littleton said they came together and found a way to push through.

“Oh, it was a very special experience. You know after the things we went through a rough start and then the hurricane," said Littleon. "It was very special for us to come together as a team and accomplish the things that we did.”

And the Bearcats will defend that hard earned title every Friday, this season.

“Come out that field house with the mindset it our field, it’s our time, it’s our house because we do have that target on our backs this season now that we are the state champions," said junior right tackle Lawson Chandler.

Littleton told us they still have some work left before they’re game day ready.

“We got some things we need to overcome here and some things we need to work out. We’re moving and progressing very well and I’m really excited about our chances this year," said Littleton.

The 2018 season is in the books, and they said all attention is on the here and now.

“We can’t focus on the old season because we have a new season to attend too. It was good that we won a state championship, that was great, but now we got to attend to the new season," said Chandler.

The Bearcats start their season against Seminole County on August 23.

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