Tift Co. leaders work to protect you in dangerous heat

Tift County EMA has safety tips

TIFTON, Ga. (WALB) - A recent heatwave in Southwest Georgia has residents concerned.

The Tift County Department of Public Safety’s Public Information Officer David Haire explained what they are doing for security cautions when it comes to the harsh heat.

Tift County Public Information Officer David Haire
Tift County Public Information Officer David Haire (Source: WALB)

"Just August in South Georgia, it is going to be hot. But the temperature and humidity combined, that gives you the heat index. It is unusual that we have this several days in a row and that’s the concern,” said Haire.

Haire also explained what group of individuals will be impacted the most in these high temperatures.

“Well, the concern is really for the elderly, those who are in poor health regardless of age, particularly the very young. That’s when we can really have an issue is if those people don’t take care of themselves. And just avoid any strenuous activities if at all possible,” said Haire.

The county has a cooler system where they allow those without air conditioning or those on the street, a place to come and cool off. This place could be a business, church or city facility.

“Try to stay cool, loose fitting clothes, don’t wear tight fitting clothes. Also, light-color clothing will help in the heat too. And just avoid doing strenuous work in the day as the heat builds in the afternoon,” explained Haire.

Haire said that this is the first time Tifton has witnessed such dangerous increases in temperatures in years.

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