Rams take the field in full pads

ASU starts full padded practice once again and get one step closer to the season

ASU takes the field in full pads

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Rams are marching towards that first home game against the Blazers.

But these past two days, the Rams felt like it was already game day.

These past two days, the Rams got the chance to go full speed in practice.

With the pads strapped on, they got the chance to see what they’re made of.

With the season bringing the Rams another chance at the conference title, head coach Gabe Giardina said he can see a change in the tempo.

“Well the energy’s a little picked up john you know," said Giardina. "It’s pretty exciting. Hopefully we see some good collisions. This is what you do it for. You do it so you can strap it up and get after somebody. So let’s get after each other right now you know?”

The Rams will hold their first preseason scrimmage on Sunday.

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