Prosecutors awaiting final reports in Americus viral video case

DA talks next steps in Americus viral HIV video

AMERICUS, Ga. (WALB) - Prosecutors said they’re waiting on final reports with a case against Brandi Lasiter.

Lasiter is the Americus woman who’s live video went viral on Facebook. In that video, she claimed she had HIV and named people she had sexual relations with.

District Attorney Lewis Lamb said the case is still in its early stages and he is waiting on final reports from the Americus Police Department.

“When we receive those reports and I can read the details of exactly what was communicated, when and how and where and to whom, then we will make a determination here as to exactly what charges to pursue," Lamb said. "I don’t have any comment about the substance of the case at all. We will charge it in a manner that we think is appropriate under the law.”

Lasiter was charged with harassing communications and arrested last Friday. Lasiter bonded out the same day.

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