Lee Co. High football staff: ‘If they aren’t practicing, they’re hydrating’

Lee Co. High football staff; 'if they aren't practicing, they're hydrating'

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - “If they aren’t practicing, they’re hydrating.” That’s what the two-time state defending champion Lee County High School Trojans football staff said about taking these hot temperatures seriously.

Luckily, the team saw lots of cloud cover Tuesday while out on the field, but the humidity can cause problems for players as well.

The players didn’t have on lower padding because of the heat. We’re told if it got too hot, they’d remove the shoulder pads as well.

We spoke with the athletic trainer who said they take breaks often and have constant access to water during practice. But said they know when to call it a quits.

“Too hot is we get a wet mop global temperature of 92 degrees and we have to cancel practice according to the Georgia High School. Coach Fabrizio does a great job, we monitor it, but our practices are never really long practices anyway,” said Brian Davis, the athletic trainer.

Brian Davis is the athletic trainer for Lee County High School football.
Brian Davis is the athletic trainer for Lee County High School football. (Source: WALB)

Davis said if conditions get too hot, they bring practice inside and keep a close eye on their players.

We’re also told they are constantly educating players on hydrating properly and eating throughout the day and not just at practice.

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