The Valdosta Blazers are officially in full pads

The Valdosta Balzers are the 2019 defending National Champions

VSU back in pads

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - There are just 25 days left until the regular season.

After just a few practices the pads are officially on for the Valdosta Blazers.

And the the defending national champs tell me they're ready to make some big plays.

“I expect us to fly around, fly around and take the ball, take the day. We’ll score points, we’ll get stops," said guard, Adonis Sealey.

“Wearing full pads it’s like game day. So, there’s a lot of energy in the locker room this morning and everyone’s excited so we’ll see what happens,” said quarterback, Rogan Wells.

Several starters are returning this season and endless hours have been spent studying the playbook.

So, the Blazers are hoping to execute what they’ve learned, Tuesday.

“We know it a little faster so we’ll be a hurry-up offense, which is what we want to be. So, hopefully everybody just learns it and knows where to go so we don’t have as many missed assignments," said Well.s

And in just one short month, the Blazers will defend their title.

“We don’t get too focused on last year we know that’s in the past. So we’re trying to take each game at a time, each day at a time trying to focus on getting back there," said Sealey.

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