Leesburg linked in social security scam calls

Leesburg City Hall phone number spoofed, used in scam

Leesburg linked in social security scam calls

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - Leesburg Police said the city’s phone number is being spoofed for use in a social security scam.

Police want to warn people: don’t give anyone your financial information over the phone.

Chief Chris Prokesh said that several people from across the county have called Leesburg City Hall Tuesday, reporting calls from that phone number.

Police said the caller claimed to be with the Social Security Administration, and asked for personal, financial information.

Police said their phones showed the call was coming from the Leesburg City Hall.

Police said they believe this is a scam.

“We are in no way affiliated with the Social Security Administration. That is a fraud, do not give your information out over the phone,” said Prokesh.

They warn that if anyone calls claiming to be from Social Security or from Leesburg City Hall, asking for personal, financial information, don’t talk to them. Just hang up.

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