Keep pets in shaded areas, leave water during dangerous heat

Keep pets in shaded areas, leave water out during dangerous heat

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -Mitchell County animal shelter leaders are encouraging all pet owners to keep them hydrated and in cool areas during the dangerous heat.

They said heavy panting is a sign your pet is overheated.

Animal shelter leaders for " Stitches for Mitchell County" said it’s important to keep your animals in shaded areas.

This does not include dog houses.

They said dog houses don’t have the proper ventilation to cool them off.

Animal experts urge owners to keep as much water out as possible.

Leaders said animals can get heat strokes as well.

“You know, by all means, pick your dog up and take him to the vet. And have him checked out for heatstroke. Because it can happen in an instant. Dogs are sort of at our mercy. So we encourage everybody...check your pets,” said Susan Jamerson, Vice President of Stitches for Mitchell County.

They recommend buying hard plastic wading pools for your pets and fill them up with water.

Stitches for Mitchell County have installed misting systems for their outside kennels.

Their dogs each have their own two-gallon water buckets that are filled twice a day.

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