Albany seniors share advice as nervous freshman start their first day of high school

Seniors share advice as nervous freshman start their first day of high school

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - As ninth graders headed back to school Friday, they were already thinking four years ahead.

Students at Sherwood Christian Academy and Deerfield-Windsor School are already focusing on how they can keep their grades up to get into a good college.

Excitement was in the air as seniors were ready to start their final year of high school while the freshmen were preparing for the next four years.

“I’m feeling really nervous and kind of excited,” said Rebekha Smith, a freshman at Sherwood Christian Academy.

Freshmen at Sherwood Christian Academy were feeling those butterflies in their stomachs as they walked through the arch of seniors welcoming them back on the first day of school.

“There’s a lot more responsibilities and the classes get harder each year,” said another freshman, Ahlias Pobre.

Students at Deerfield-Windsor School started back Friday, as well, and the seniors have some advice for how freshman should spend the next four years.

“Really try hard at school. Start off on a really good note,” said Anna Katherine Ivey, the senior class rresident at Deerfield-Windsor.

While graduation may seem like a long four years away, good grades are already on freshmen’s minds.

“I’m going to focus on academics. Get my grades up for college. Even though it’s really soon, but you know, for the future and stuff like that,” said Sherwood Christian Academy freshman Audrey Skidmore.

“Make sure I keep my grades up, study hard, work hard,” said freshman Walker Flowers.

“Good grades. Just be able to do as much as I can in order to go to a good college and stuff like that,” Smith said in agreement with her peers.

Anna Katherine Ivey is a senior now and knows first hand just how fast these next four years will go for the new ninth graders.

“We’ll just wait to hear back from our colleges that we hope to go to. And once those roll in, we’ll start figuring out where we want to go,” Ivey said.

While all of the freshmen have individual goals they want to accomplish over these next four years, they can all agree they’re just excited to see where this time takes them.

At Deerfield-Windsor School

At Deerfield-Windsor, academics are the school’s main focus this year.

Headmaster Allen Lowe said they even started college prep-work with their senior class before the new year started.

Lowe said the goal is to make sure their seniors not only get accepted to one college, but the college of their choice. He said the seniors have to have a good day-to-day grind throughout the year.

And freshman need to create good study habits now.

“With our freshman, we start meeting with them. In terms of a our college counselor, they have a game plan for the things they need to do all the way up through. Right now, our seniors are in the final phase of it, which is a stressful time, but it’s a time where they’ll learn to grow and hopefully be better for it,” said Lowe.

Lowe said they’re just hoping to work with students to get the year off to a positive start.

At Sherwood Christian Academy

Sherwood Christian Academy students get new technology for school year

Sherwood Christian Academy students were excited to go back to school Friday.

But they seemed to be even more excited to use all of the new technology they have.

Sherwood is making a big push this year towards science, math and technology programs.

Students told WALB News 10 that they’re most excited for the new computer software they’ll get to use this year.

Software like Adobe Premiere and a whole classroom full of new computers.

“Last year we only had a few Macbooks, like 10 to 11 Macs. Now, this year, we have a whole computer class filled with Macs. I’m pretty excited because we don’t have to share the Macs anymore,” said Pobre.

Students said technology classes help prepare them for graduation and college courses.

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