Jury deliberations to resume Friday in 2017 Albany nightclub death trial

Day 3: Trial continues for 2 Pelham men in Albany murder case

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Thursday ended the third day of two more men standing trial in the death of Travion Jones.

Jurors sent a note asking to be released for the day and a verdict has yet to be returned.

Tremain McKnight and Samuel Jenkins are the men on trial.

Five other men were on trial earlier this summer in this case.

From the trial:

Jurors asked to see a piece of evidence again.

Jurors wanted the surveillance video of the alleged gun transaction to be replayed. This came after Samuel Jenkins’ attorney argued Jenkins was not seen passing a gun to shooter, Dominique Davis.

Prosecutors believed Derrick Jenkins, Samuel’s brother, first had the gun.

Key witnesses testified seeing Derrick with the gun in a white t-shirt.

Jones’ cousin, Cortez Houlton, said the video shows Derrick handing it off to Samuel.

Houlton then changed his response on the stand and stated Samuel Jenkins didn’t have the white shirt in his hand before running up to Davis.

McKnight took the stand in his own case. He testified he knew Jones for years and never had any disagreements.

“Me and Travion never had any problems. Never had any disagreements about nothing. I’ve known him a long time,” said McKnight.

McKnight said he came to the club with Stacy Frazier and also left with him before the shooting.

Frazier was acquitted earlier this summer.

Prosecutors alleged McKnight was still a part of the fight inside the club and also hit Jones outside.

McKnight said he did notice Davis getting in argument with Jones and his cousin inside the club. He said he went over to see what it was about. That’s when someone hit him.

McKnight said he only got upset inside and outside the club because an unknown person hit him.

Prosecutors asked why he punched Jones in the head leading up to his death.

“I was under the influence," McKnight said. “I had just been jumped on the side of the club and I wasn’t thinking clear at the time.”

“Why did you pick out Travion Jones to strike?” asked Attorney Hal Moroz.

"I was under the influence. I don’t know why. It wasn’t a real reason,” said McKnight.

Defense attorneys argued the witnesses said they never saw McKnight again after he punched Jones. They said witnesses never pointed him out as a person who was at the scene when Jones was shot.

Jenkins’ attorney also said none of the witnesses ever told investigators Samuel had a gun.

Defense attorneys said it wasn’t until the last trial, Houlton said he saw Jenkins in the video passing the gun to Davis.

Attorneys said McKnight is first cousins with Davis and Jenkins is also Davis’ first cousin.

WALB will return to the courtroom Friday morning to continue coverage of the trial.

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