Day 2: Witness testimony presented as 2 Pelham men stand trial for Albany murder

Day 2: Witness testimony presented as Travion Jones trial continues

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Trial continued Wednesday morning for two of the men accused in the 2017 death of Travion Jones.

Travion Jones
Travion Jones

Police said Jones was killed at the Sandtrap 5.0 nightclub in Albany.

The trial started Tuesday with jury selection.

Tremain McKnight and Samuel Jenkins Jr., both from Pelham, are on trial in Dougherty County this week.

They're charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and violation of street gang terrorism and prevention act charges.

Prosecutors said Jenkins also faces a possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge.

This comes less than three months after five other men were tried in connection to the case.

Five witnesses have been called to the stand so far.

The majority of the testimony jurors have been hearing is from two key eye witnesses who were with Jones at the club.

Cortez Houlton, Jones’ cousin, and Careisha Chives, Houlton’s girlfriend, went to the club together.

They said a big group of men started a fight inside the club with Houlton and Jones.

Both witnesses said McKnight and Jenkins were a part of that group.

Chives said McKnight punched her in the face and didn’t back down from fighting inside the club. They’re saying this happened before the shooting took place outside the club.

What happened outside the club

Houlton said once he, Jones and Chives got outside and the group was waiting on them while hollering.

They said Samuel is the person who handed the gun to the shooter.

Later, the two witnesses said they called for a ride, trying to leave the scene.

Once the ride showed up, Jones told the driver to stop at his car, according to both witnesses.

As Jones was running back towards them in the car, Chives said she witnessed Jones being shot.

“I seen him running, he was holding his neck and then when the car came off the curb, when I turned around, he fell with his hand on his neck," said Chives.

Defense attorneys claim Jones went back to his car to get a gun.

APD officers confirmed there was a gun found in Jones’ car, but it still had 24 bullets in it.

Defense attorneys kept mentioning that gun that was found in Jones’ car.

APD officers confirmed it had 24 bullets in it, but it was never used.

Defense attorneys allege Jones went to his car to get his gun, but Houlton said he mainly went to get his house key.

"But at the same time, I knew he was going to his car to get his keys so he can go home. But y’all want to make it like it was supposed to be otherwise,” said Houlton.

Houlton then admitted he knew Jones had a gun, but if he did go back to get it, it was for general protection. He said Jones always had his gun with him when he went places.

more important details about what happened outside

Prosecutors said what both Chives and Houlton said they saw outside the club was the most important. The two witnesses said after they were all thrown out, they saw a gun exchange.

Houlton said Derrick Jenkins, who was previously on trial, passed a gun in a white shirt to Samuel Jenkins.

Houlton believes Samuel then passed it to the shooter, Dominique Davis.

Here’s when things got hectic, Samuel Jenkins’ attorney asked Houlton to show that on video. He said he saw the transfer, but after viewing it again, he admitted he never saw Samuel passing the white shirt to the shooter.

“You claimed that you saw my client pass a white shirt to Dominique Davis and that white shirt was covering the gun, correct?” asked Ingrid Driskell, Samuel Jenkins’ attorney.

“Correct,” Houlton replied.

“And you clearly don’t see that today, do you?” Driskell asked.

“No ma’am,” Houlton replied.

Both witnesses also said that at one point, they also saw McKnight punch Jones in the head, alleging he would never back down from wanting to fight outside as well.

McKnight’s attorney asked Houlton if he saw his client during the shooting and after Jones was punched, and Houlton’s answer was no.

Prosecutors will continue to present more evidence in this case Thursday.

Court will resume at 9 a.m.

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