Warrants issued for 3 teens in Albany entering auto case

3 teens charged in Albany entering auto case

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany police said three teens will be charged for breaking into a man’s car outside his store.

Sylvester police said the three teens have also been connected to a massive entering auto spree in Worth County.

The Albany Police Department (APD) said the teens broke into a car and something they took out of the car, actually linked them back to an incident in Sylvester where they were arrested.

According to an APD report, on Monday an employee at Westside Grocery Store said someone broke into his 2016 Land Rover Range Rover.

It happened at the store on the 2300 block of West Gordon Avenue.

Police said an iPhone, a wallet and cigarettes were taken.

The owner said he heard his car alarm and went outside to find his front passenger side door opened.

Later, he said he saw two men running to a white SUV.

Albany police said warrants have been taken out for Calvin Williams, 18, Kedarius Howard, 17, and a 16-year-old.

Police said they were able to track the stolen cell phone to an address in Worth County.

Officers said the three men were involved in entering autos in Sylvester last month.

APD said that once Worth County is finished with their process, the warrants will be transferred to Dougherty County.

The 16-year-old is being held at a Regional Youth Detention Center.

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