What Albany leaders say you can expect from $8M grant

What Albany leaders say you can expect from $8M grant

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The power will be restored faster, that’s one thing the Albany city manager said will be the result of an $8 million federal grant.

Albany leaders applied for the Economic Development Administration grant last year, after facing four declared natural disasters in two years.

City Manager Sharon Subadan said this will put the overhead power lines underground, allowing power to be restored faster and making them more resilient.

Albany City Manager Sharon Subadan
Albany City Manager Sharon Subadan (Source: WALB)

WALB questioned Subadan about how the city chose which circuit to be upgraded.

“It’s not just the hospital and the emergency room, you have dialysis centers, you have senior citizen homes in this particular circuit, a lot of businesses that are really power dependent. Not that everybody isn’t power dependent, but we did some really thoughtful analysis before we made the choice and we felt like this was really going to be one where we could see a great bang for our buck,” explained Subadan.

Subadan said they will have to bid out the project to different companies to do the work. She hopes in the next three months the city will put a program in place to begin work.

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