Judge could enforce $1,000 fine for littering, illegal dumping in Albany

Judge could enforce $1,000 fine for littering and more in Albany

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Members of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful (KABD) want to make sure anyone who litters is caught and fined.

KADB found an illegal dump site Tuesday in front of an abandoned home on Force Drive.

Public Works crews hauled off more than half a truckload of trash.

There’s actually a city ordinance against leaving furniture, like these mattresses and this couch, outside of your home. If you litter or illegally dump debris, you could face community service hours, fines and if you’re a repeat offender, you could even face jail time.

There are city ordinances against leaving furniture outside of your home.
There are city ordinances against leaving furniture outside of your home. (Source: WALB)

Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter said someone was caught throwing trash from their truck window.

They were taken to court, but a judge ruled they only be fined $10.

Now, Executive Director of Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful Judy Bowles and City Commissioner Jon Howard want to make sure litter cases are taken seriously, since the maximum amount you can be fined is actually $1,000.

But fines, community service hours and jail time are all determined by a judge.

“Right next door to this house is a yard that is manicured beyond manicured. I mean it is well, well kept. And our ordinances are supposed to protect us, so that right next door, we don’t have something like what is behind me,” said Bowles.

You could be ordered to complete a certain amount of community service hours, even picking up trash that you may have littered in the first place.

And if you've been caught and fined for littering before, you could even be arrested.

City leaders encourage you to report any litter or debris you see by calling 311.

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