Terrell Co. heads back to school

Terrell Co. heads back to school

TERRELL COUNTY, Ga. (WALB) - Terrell County first responders helped teachers welcome back students Monday by giving them hugs, high fives and encouraging words.

Allison Morman is a teacher at Terrell County Elementary School. She said she wanted to make sure all the kids felt special and important for their first day back to school.

Allison Morman
Allison Morman (Source: WALB)

“The kids felt at ease and then they were laughing. When they see all the people, they were like, ‘Wow, we got a lot of people here to welcome us back.’ It was a great feeling and great atmosphere,” said Morman.

Parents were allowed to walk their kids into the school and help them find their classroom.

Student Corlata Brown said she couldn’t wait to be back with all her friends.

Corlata Brown
Corlata Brown (Source: WALB)

“I am glad to be back at school because we have dances and I am glad to see my friends and my new teachers,” said Brown.

Morman said she hopes parents will continue to encourage and get their kids excited about school for the rest of the school year.

“Trying to get our parents more engaged, not just involved but being engaged, learning the standards, learning the skills so that once they learn, they can keep that upbeat and the morale going. Get the kids here and keep them on track,” said Morman.

All schools will soon be seeing an upgrade in their security system. The system will make it where visitors will have to be buzzed in, in order to enter the school.

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