The Deerfield-Windsor Knights are looking for a turnaround season

The Knights missed the playoffs in their 2018 season

Deerfield football

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Creating energy and shifting focus.

If the Knights can effectively accomplish that, then Head Coach Allen Lowe believes they’ll have a turnaround year.

“We feel a lot of energy from the players to us, just because of the way they’ve performed and if that transcends onto our field, we’re going to have a great year," said Lowe.

Lowe told us adjustments, namely on defense, are crucial this year after missing the playoffs last season.

“Last year and our kids will tell you, we didn’t get enough turnovers. And that’s one of our focus this year, we want to generate more energy on defense to create more turnovers," said Lowe.

“This year we have a bunch of returning starters on defense and I think we’ll be sound on defense because everybody is on the same page," said senior fullback Rob Leach.

The Knights are all about their options this season.

And Lowe told us they have a lot of them, from different players getting touches to the amount of players returning.

“We’re going to have great protection this year. We may have a new offensive line but they’ve been getting after it since the spring and they’re just going to bring it for us on Friday’s," said senior tight end Joe Morgan.

Lowe wants his team to be in the mix in late November.

But, that won’t happen if the players aren’t focused on the task at hand.

“We got to change our focus, and our focus is a daily thing and when you can change your focus to what you can do today to get better then everything takes care of itself," said Lowe.

Hoping to add another state title to their trophy case, they know the hard work is just beginning.

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