Police: Albany sees 60 percent increase in vehicle thefts since 2018

Albany police warn residents about increase in vehicle thefts

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Albany police said there have been 159 motor vehicle thefts this year. That’s a 60 percent increase over last year.

APD says there’s been a 60% increase in motor vehicle thefts in the city. 159 of them this year alone. Hear what officers say you need to do to protect your vehicles tonight on WALB News 10 @ 11.

Posted by Marilyn Parker WALB on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

An Albany Police Department (APD) crime prevention officer said cars are being stolen almost weekly and it’s happening all over the city.

In some cases, the cars are being found just blocks away from where they were stolen.

Officers called these car thefts a crime of opportunity that police don’t want you to fall victim to.

“We do recover most of them, but it’s just the stress, the inconvenience for the victims. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough not to leave your keys in these vehicles at any time. If you exit the vehicle, turn it off,” said Dillard Glover, a crime prevention unit officer with APD.

Glover said some of these crimes are happening because of spare keys and valuables being left inside unlocked cars. He also mentioned these thefts can lead to insurance rates increasing.

In addition to locking your doors and taking out valuables, the officer said citizens can participate in APD’s Citizens Police Academy to learn more ways to protect your property. If you’re interested, you can call (229) 302-0851 for more details.

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