A South Georgia showdown in Leesburg

Lowndes and Lee County squared off Wednesday in an OTA as a way to get ready for the season

South Georgia showdown in Leesburg

LEESBURG, Ga. (WALB) - The season is a month away.

With the first week quickly making it’s way to South Georgia, a couple teams are doing whatever it takes to be ready.

For South Georgia, they got the chance to see two of their power houses clash at Lee County.

For Lowndes, it’s business as usual.

After their semifinal finish last season, it’s time to find Atlanta.

For Lee County, they look to add a third year on the locker room wall.

As both teams know, you have to play the best to beat the best.

“It helps us prepare for the season," said senior Lowndes offensive linemen Bryer Touchton. "We need some better competition. We go against each other every day. It’s just nice to get different looks.”

“They got a bunch of very good defensive players," said senior lee county quarterback Kyle Toole. "They’ve got some good defensive skeems. So, having to go against them is just giving us news looks that will prepare us for the season.”

The Vikings will kick the season off against Drew on August 23rd.

And the Trojans will face Dougherty on the 24th.

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