UPDATE: Crisp Co. Fire and Rescue provides Synergy report

Updated: Jul. 25, 2019 at 11:01 AM EDT
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ARABI Ga. (WALB) - Authorities were called to the location of Synergy Solutions about 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon about a truck fire.

Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock said one person was injured; Synergy Solutions employee, Antwon Williams.

Crisp County EMS transported Williams with a serious injury to Crisp Regional Hospital where an AirEvac helicopter was on standby to take Williams to a hospital in Augusta.

A sheriff’s spokesman said that Crisp County Fire Rescue, Crisp County EMS, and Crisp County Sheriff’s Office responded to 155 Landfill Road to a truck fire.

Below is the report narrative from Crisp County Fire Rescue-

Primary Narrative:

E11, E21, E31, E51, 700, and 701 responded to a tanker fire a the above location. Central advised that employees at Synergy reported an explosion at the Ethanol Plant with injuries. 700 arrived on scene to find a patient that had been removed from the tanker filling station with severe burns.

Patient was conscious and alert, speaking, and receiving aid from CCSO. 700 proceeded to the tanker to find fire coming from the top of the tanker, possibly from a valve on top. Tanker has been damaged by ignition of vapors in the tank. The frame of the trailer and body of the tank is warped.

Witness stated they were loading gasoline into the top of the empty tanker from a bulk container supported by a forklift. Approximately 125 gallons of gasoline was loaded into the tanker and the bulk container was almost empty when it ignited. The patient was on top of the tanker and sustained injuries from the explosion.

CCF&R logo
CCF&R logo

Placard on the tanker was ID 1987, Alcohol. Placard on bulk container was Class 3, Gasoline. E31 arrived and 757 deployed a 1-3/4″ attack line and also deployed deck gun and began cooling the tanker. E11 arrived and deployed a 1-3/4″ attack line. E11 took over on pumping operation and began cooling the tank and extinguishing the fire with on board AFFF system.

701 arrived and established water supply via relay pumping from E31. Fire was extinguished at 1323. Hose lines continued to cool the tank. E51 arrived and 774 assisted 757 with cooling the tanker. E51 relay pumped to E11. 708 inspected the Ethanol storage tanks and pumping station, all were secure. 708 inspected the containment area around the tanker and closed the containment valve.

708 also secured the bulk container which was empty. Container was also cooled via attack line and covered with foam. Thermal imaging was conducted on the tanker and no heat was found. Vapors were found to be coming from a valve at the rear passenger side of the tanker. 708, 762, and 774 used a 1-3/4″ attack with wide fog to approach the valve and secure it. All valves in the center of tanker were checked and secured as well. Units then backed up from the tanker.

Tanker was checked again with thermal imaging and gas monitoring and no heat or flammable gasses detected. Foam application was continued until a sufficient foam blanket was acquired in the containment pool. Area was deemed secured with no hazards detected. Equipment was loaded back onto the units with the exception of E11 attack line, which remained in place until the tractor and tanker was removed from the containment pool.

After removal all units went back in service. Approximately 3,500 gallons of water and 15 gallons of AFFF was used.



A truck fire happened at Synergy Recycling Wednesday.
A truck fire happened at Synergy Recycling Wednesday.

The 52-acre waste management complex includes an office building, an ethanol plant, a waste processing/recycling facility and a research and development lab.

The Synergy Solutions plant is located off Landfill Road in Crisp County.

We are still working on this developing story, and will have more details as soon as possible.

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