Eagles looking for breakout season in 2019

Sherwood Christian is looking for turnaround season

Eagles looking for breakout season in 2019

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The moto never changes for any team that touches the gridiron.

Win every play and become a champion.

For Sherwood Christian, this is something they accomplished in 2015, but are now trying to find their way back to it.

“I mean we took a big turn last year in changing the program," said senior quarterback Ketavion Cury. "And just trusting our OC and our head coach and what they’re telling us. You get ready to work.”

With the Eagles flying closer to the start of the season, head coach Chad Evans said that the past two years was a rebuilding process for them.

But now, they have the tools they need to get back on top.

“The building process is complete," said Sherwood head football coach Chad Evans. "We’re excited. The first two years, 2016 and 2017 were rough. Just rebuilding. Last year we were 6-4. Started seeing that big turn. We’re super excited for where we’re set for the year.”

Now the Eagles might have been in a rebuilding phase for the last two years. But with all their offensive and defensive linemen returning for the season. It seems 2019 might be in the Eagles favor.

But the Eagles offense of course looks to lead the way, it might be there defense that steals the show.

“We can expect the defense to be fast and keeping quick with other offenses that we’ve been developing with for the past two years with our starters coming up,” said K.J. Daniels."

And with 7 seniors stepping onto the field with those 20 Eagles this season, it clear that the Sherwood isn’t short on leadership.

“We went through the struggle," said Cury. "It’s our time. So, we want to leave that never give up attitude and work hard.”

Hoping that their hard work, will show this season when it matters the most.

“We had games that were hard fought," said Daniels. "We had games where it was a struggle, but we kept fighting, we kept staying in there. And that’s what teams are going to get when they fight us.”

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