Brooks Co. Sheriff’s Office investigates animal hoarding case

Brooks Co. Sheriff’s Office investigates animal hoarding case

BROOKS CO., Ga. (WALB) - The Brooks County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an extreme animal cruelty case after nearly two dozen dogs and cats were found inside a home.

Authorities said Brenda Sutton, 72, of Brooks County, was taken in to custody Wednesday, facing several animal cruelty charges.

Brooks County Sheriff Mike Dewey said deputies were called out to a home on Oliff Road after receiving complaints of a strong odor of dead animals.

When they arrived, authorities were required to wear hazmat suits in order to enter the home, calling it a hoarding situation. Seventeen dogs and cats were found dead inside, and four more outside, totaling 21 dead animals.

Sheriff Dewey said, while this behavior is a sign of mental health issues, all animal cruelty cases are taken seriously.

“It’s not the animal’s fault, it’s the people’s fault. They get all these animals, and like I said it’s a sickness,” Dewey said. “Rather than getting them to a humane society or animal shelter, they keep them and let them starve to death, or just neglect from not proper veterinarian treatments, no shots and all this stuff, they got all these animals and like this case here, they just died.”

Officials said Sutton will be indicted on 21 charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.

No living animals were found on the property.

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